When I decided to grow up, I discovered that I became more capable of satisfaction than I was when I was just a manly boy. Following that discovery was the realization that much of the dissatisfaction I experienced was bred from my immaturity and childishness.

I accepted a false image that I valued above the reality in which I lived, one that contradicted the children, home, job, and spouse I already had. It was the image of television, movies, and music, a creative and fantastic mix of lies and covetousness. They were fantasies too easily believed by a child’s mind.

I am a grown man,sober and suddenly aware of the lies the world told me, like a child who discovers there is no rosy-cheeked fat man sliding down his chimney baring gifts. But unlike that child, I have no deep-seated trust issues. On the contrary, I have peace, the comfort of knowing that I need not strive for the image and shadow of the blessing I already have.

My wife is that blessing, and I am glad I am finally mature enough to see her for who and what she is.